Closing Fee

new jersey land title insurance rating bureau - Manual of rates and charges

Some companies charge as much as $850!

While $850 is the highest amount we’ve seen for a closing fee, the bottom line is that the vast majority of companies charge more than New Jersey’s mandated fee of $300.

Furthermore, some companies employ a deceptive practice of dividing the elements that make up the closing fee into various names, yet the total still adds up to an inflated closing fee in the end.

Now, let’s go behind the scenes even further. We aim to emphasize both the significant variations in price ranges and the nature of the services themselves. Certain services are either fabricated or completely unnecessary, while others are essential but significantly overpriced.

Important Note: We only display 26 fees. Our analysis uncovered over 80 of these types of fees.

Engage one of our proficient Attorneys, experienced Realtors, or our reliable Title Company to
skillfully negotiate these fees to a reasonable cost or have them waived entirely.